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Enhance Productivity with AgriEdge® by Syngenta

For resourceful growers seeking to enhance productivity, AgriEdge® from Syngenta is a whole-farm program that combines secure data management across digital platforms and innovative product choices for every crop. AgriEdge is focused on empowering partners to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge through the powerful integration of data, analytics and agronomic experience.

This exclusive program for Syngenta customers has helped growers maximize and sustain their return on investment for more than 15 years. The program is committed to overcoming the challenges of today and the future through innovation. 

AgriEdge Excelsior delivers leading software, trusted on-farm service and innovative products.


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Greensboro, NC 27409

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Terms and Conditions 
Purchase a new truck from a Certified Agriculture Dealer to be eligible for a one-year subscription of AgriEdge. A local AgriEdge specialist will work with you to identify the optimal digital technology for your farming operation. For additional terms and conditions, please click here.

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