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RAM Agriculture

We Didn't Forget

In 2013 we made a promise to America’s Farm & Ranch families.

Using the immortal words of America’s most recognized voice, inside America’s most watched sporting event, we promised you a partnership built on understanding, humility and respect. A partnership that delivers far more than just a truck. A partnership that’s there when the sun rises, and stays with you through the best and worst, until long after the sun sets.

Today, Ram Trucks is proud to be delivering on that promise like no other truck maker ever has. Or ever will. Frankly, building something that matters to you takes more work, and patience, than most are willing to put into it. Shoot … it’s taken a number of years, and tens of thousands of man hours. We’d like to think what we’ve built in that time embodies the spirit of you, our farm & ranch customer. That’s to say, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth taking your time and doing it right.

We know your value formula is different.

Sure … towing capacity, torque, horsepower … all important. But everyone lives in that space, duking it out with their numbers and statistics. While we know our product offers the best in class of all these things, you’re looking for more. You need a conversation that rises above that white noise and clutter. That’s what no one else sees.

So here’s the deal. When you buy a truck, more than anything else you want durability. In the last year, Ram Trucks has been recognized as the King of durability. With the title of Longest Lasting Truck in the field today, you can confidently put a check in that box.

We also know you want a dealer that understands who you are; your seasonality, idiosyncrasies and challenges; what makes you different than any other customer who comes through their door. A dealer who can also be your advocate with their consumer customers. So we’ve built, and continue to grow, a grassroots network of elite dealers specially trained to know, appreciate and serve their farm & ranch customer. The agriculture teams at these dealers have all gone through proprietary training, exclusively peer reviewed with several industry endorsements so you can have confidence in its quality. These specialists also participate in weekly and monthly ongoing education exercises that teach them in real-time about how your circumstances change, and why. Our team of farmers and ranchers then coach these dealers how to use this information to create products and solutions that genuinely help you, based on timely information.

Finally, to round out the things we know are most important to you, AgPack was created.

By working closely with key agricultural corporations, we’ve assembled a package of farm & ranch management tools that accompany every new Ram Ag truck. From implements to nutrients, our partnerships provide everything you need for bigger profits. AgPack adds thousands of dollars in real farm value to the Ram truck with products from Michelin, BFGoodrich, Dixie Chopper, Rhino Ag, NK Seed, AgroLiquid, Reinke Irrigation, Gallagher, EBY (trailers, flatbeds, and bodies), and AgriEdge. Doesn’t cost you anything extra. Its how Ram, and our AgPack partners, acknowledge you need real value. Value that makes a difference to your farm’s efficiency and profitability. Its like an immediate return on your truck investment.

On top of that, Ram Agriculture dealers are the only truck dealers in the nation who can offer you financing on your new truck from AgDirect, powered by Farm Credit Services. This means your credit worthiness is based on agricultural scoring criteria, not consumer based FICO criteria. Your approval is good for six months, not the standard 30 days. And … annual, bi-annual, quarterly, etc … your payment terms are customized to match your farm’s unique cash flow.

While everyone else is stuck in that clutter of trying to prove their numbers are better than ours, we rise above the white noise to talk with you about what matters to you. And bring you a full management solution built around our trucks that helps make a real difference on, and around, your farm and ranch. Global promise made. Locally fulfilled.